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Canada Visitor Record

Visitor Record

A foreign national may apply to extend their temporary resident status beyond the initial period granted for their stay by a BSO at the POE or by a previous in-Canada extension.

If a foreign national applies to extend their stay in Canada and meets the eligibility requirements as a visitor, the IRCC officer may issue a visitor record, which serves the purposeto legally extend a foreign national’s temporary resident status in Canada.

A temporary resident (student, worker, visitor or tourist) should apply at least 30 days in advance of their status expiring, and must submit an application to IRCC to apply for a visitor record.

The appropriate extension fee must accompany the application in order to initiate processing of the visitor record.

In most cases where foreign nationals lose their temporary resident status, they may, within 90 days of losing it, have to apply for restoration of temporary resident status.

Once your visitor record for restoration is approved, then you would usually get a conditional in-Canada extension usually for 6 months.